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Talk: Cultural Appropriation
Oxford Castle Unlocked
Tuesday 18th October
7pm - 9pm

People from different cultures are trading and communicating more than ever, since the 1980’s when technology began spreading across the world. Mass media has also lead to the ‘creation of a snug network across the globe connecting all people and cultures from every corner of the world’ (Rabine 2002: 3). As a result of cultures being exposed to other traditions, they are being copied and used as inspiration in fashion and other industries. This year at Oxford Fashion Week we are going to have a panel of industry experts discuss and debate cultural appropriation, and the negatives and positives surrounding it.

This season at Oxford Fashion Week we are convening a panel of industry experts and opinionists to discuss and debate cultural appropriation, and the negatives and positives surrounding it.

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Dr Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas is the Inaugural University of the Arts London Teaching Scholar, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and currently Course Leader Leader for BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing. Dr Radclyffe-Thomas taught in Hong Kong and New York for several years, completing a Doctorate in Education in 2011; her thesis explored implicit concepts of creativity with reference to Western and Confucian heritage cultures and how those culturally situated understandings manifest themselves in fashion education and practice.


Constantine Sandis is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and Research Associate at the Centre de Recherche en Ethique in Montreal. His previous publications include Cultural Heritage Ethics: Between Theory and Practice (Open Book Publishers, 2014), Human Nature (Cambridge University Press, 2012), A Companion to the Philosophy of Action (Wiley-Blackwell 2010), and The Things We Do and Why We Do Them (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012); his collected essays are being published in French translation as Raisons et Responsabilité (Les Editions d’Ithaque, 2017). Constantine is currently writing a book on Understanding Oneself and Others (Yale University Press).


Christy interned at a fashion start-up in Hong Kong last summer and gained exposure to fashion events, designer interviews and editorial contribution. While pursuing a BA degree in Business and Management at University of Exeter, Christy spends a fair amount of time on artistic hobbies, such as photography, writing, dance, etc. Born and raised in Hong Kong; Christy is well aware of the fusion of East and West, as her multicultural background made her a confident character and a fluent speaker in three languages.


Brian is a 2nd year PPE student at Pembroke College, Oxford. He has spoken in the finals of the national parliamentary debating championships of England, China, and Singapore. He is also the Treasurer of the Oxford Students Women's Equality Party, the Student Debates Chair of the Oxford Forum, and a Blog Writer for Cherwell.


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